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Eligible Countries for Indian electronic visa

India is a preferred tourist destination for individuals from diverse countries. People visit India for medical reasons, to attend conferences, to accompany their sick relatives, for sightseeing, religious reasons or even to establish and run business.

That said, before planning to visit India, you must be sure that your country of residence is among the eligible nations for Indian electronic visa. Currently, there are only 165 countries that can get an electronic visa to travel to India. That means, the individuals from these countries can fill the application form and pay for the government and visa processing fees and get the visa from the comfort of their houses. There is a need for an ordinary passport for the qualified individuals to apply for e-medical, e-tourist, e-medical, e-attendance, e-business, and e-conference visa.
Note: Nationals of Pakistani origin are not included

The list below gives the names of the 165 eligible countries for Indian e-visa.